Why I Love Chicago

Reason No. 728

Last night Clare & The Reasons played a FREE concert in the Jay Pritzker Pavilion at Millennium Park. Clare, her French hubby Olivier, and the rest of the band were completely precious. The music was dreamy, the weather was perfect, AND I was with two of my besties… truly a gorgeous Chicago evening.

Plus, we picnicked! Lizzie brought us food from Ba Le. If you have never been, you must must go to their location in Uptown (5014 N Broadway) immediately. Ba Le is a French-inspired Vietnamese bakery and cafe with super fresh sandwiches (Banh mi), yummy bubble tea, and ridiculously cheap prices. They offer quite a bit of variety with their Banh mi, from tofu to pork to pâté. A sandwich loaded with meat, pickled veggies like cabbage & carrots, cilantro, and jalapenos will cost you $4 or less! My personal fave is the BBQ Pork.

Oh! And also for Banh mi, Roomie L recommends Nhu Lan (2612 W Lawrence). Give ’em a whirl.

For a list of events at Millenium Park, you can visit their site here.

I hope to get a cookie recipe up here in the next couple days.  Ta til then!


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