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San Fran Love

October 16, 2010

Trip Highlights:

I am back in Chicago, after spending the past three weekends out of town.  It feels good to be back… sleeping in my own bed, clean laundry, groceries in the fridge–nice home things.  Pics from above are from my trip to San Francisco.  It seems I’m never there long enough to do everything I want.  This is easily one of my favorite cities to visit.  I already kind of miss it.  One weird question… who thought it was a good idea to not only carpet the BART subway cars, but use upholstered seats?  Ummmm…


Guess Where?

October 3, 2010

A Reappearing Act

August 4, 2010

The Plaza Fountain

This weekend I was lucky enough to spend time with two of my favorite people–Jennie & Perry, of previous Who Wants Candy fame. They now live in Kansas City, and are fun, sweet, and just generally awesome. And they’re getting married! Roomie and I drove down on Friday for Jennie’s bachelorette party with a carload of party favors, candy, bald cupcakes, and buttercream. We listened to a lot of Beatles songs and ate salt and vinegar chips. We talked about our hopes and dreams and how we wanted BBQ.

BBQ. The food in Kansas City is just fantastic. From a caloric standpoint, it’s really probably a good thing I was only there a weekend. I could have walked the 500+ miles home and not burned off what I consumed. All. Totally. Worth. It. Here’s where we went…

Jennie & Perry at Waldo Pizza Waldo Pizza
We went to Waldo’s to experience St. Louis Style Pizza, which until last Friday, I had never heard of. Apparently it involves a very thin, cracker-like crust, minimal sauce, and a ton of cheese (provolone, swiss, cheddar & mozz). We got ours with pepperoni, in addition to a “regular” thin crust veggie. They were both great, but the St. Louis Style definitely won me over. I am not saying it will ever replace my deep dish, but the greasy cheese blend and pepperoni, paired with the crunch of the crust was pretty perfect. I’m not sure how authentic a St. Louis Style pizza is served in Kansas City, but I’ll take it.

Oklahoma Joe’s Barbecue
I have no pictures of Oklahoma Joe’s. My apologies, but I was too busy stuffing my face, fighting back tears of joy because I was eating the best BBQ I think I’ve ever had. Plus my fingers were too sticky from the aforementioned BBQ to take out my camera. Did I mention this place is in a gas station? And that you can smell the BBQ from the parking lot? And it’s complete torture inhaling delicious BBQ fumes while you wait in line for the 20-30 minutes until you get your food? Goodness, goodness. We shared ribs, which were fall-off-the-bone AMAZING. They had just a bit of sauce, and were incredibly tender. Totally perfect. The Z-Man Brisket Sandwich was AMAZING, CRAZY GOOD. The meat was tender, not at all chewy, and the sandwich was topped with melty provolone and onion rings. They also had fountain Barq’s Red Creme Soda. I’m not making this up. Perry, I curse/love you for bringing me here. My life is ruined.

Cupcake À La Mode Perry with Key Lime Cupcake
This place is precious and very pink! I tried two of their cupcakes, one of which was their monthly special–Key Lime Pie (pictured with Perry, right). Total yum. A moist lime cake with a tangy cream cheese frosting and topped with graham cracker crumbs. Great seasonal flavor. And then! The Marshmallow Fondue, which has to be as close to a S’more a cupcake can get. Chocolate cake stuffed with a bit of marshmallow goo, topped with chocolate, graham cracker crumbs, and a chocolate covered graham. Heaven. Other offered flavors? After Dinner Mint, Bella Nutella, Amaretto Sweet, and Raspberry Lemonade to name just a few. I hope the cupcake craze lasts forever.

Laura Drinks LimeadeTopsy’s
Limeade. Limeade. Limeade. They also serve ice cream, popcorn (their cinnamon popcorn is supposed to be fantastic), candy, and other assorted treats, but I can only comment on their really great limeade. Refreshing, not overly sweet or syrupy, with the slightest bit of carbonation. It was ridiculously hot walking through the Plaza, and this was the perfect drink for ridiculously hot. Why can’t I find a good place for limeade in Chicago? Anyone? Is this just a Kansas/ Missouri thing?

I am back in Chicago and just ate a frozen enchilada meal.  Send help/bbq/limeade.