Fall Love

Today my family and I braved the cold to celebrate Fall and pick/eat a crazy amount of apples.  I hadn’t been apple-picking since I was a kid, but my little sis suggested it so off we went to Keipur Orchards in Maple Park, IL.  Despite the freezing temps we had a lot of fun.  I thought it would be a bit late in the season, but Keipur still had a ton of apples and varieties–some of which don’t even have harvest dates until late October/November.  We ended up with yummy Jonathans, JonaGolds, Ida Reds, Empires, and Blushing Goldens.

Oh yeah.  Their bakery/shop?  Awesome.  This apple cider donut coated in cinnamon sugar I devoured?  Awesome.  Everything from pies to caramel apples looked super yummy.  I nabbed some apple cider and my sister picked up some just-blended peanut butter.  Definitely a Saturday well spent.  There are a ton of orchards in the Chicagoland area, you can check them out here…


And some baked apple goodness coming soon!


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3 Responses to “Fall Love”

  1. Jude Says:

    Beautiful Photos, and two posts in under a week?!? Keep up the great work–

  2. high/low Says:

    We quickly ate our baker’s dozen of apple donuts too after apple-picking in the Hudson Valley (NY)!

  3. J Says:

    Awesome pictures! That doughnut………smelled so good! Apple picking was so much fun. We have to make it an annual event and get more people to come with us. It’s like the last happy day before the kidney stone incident that still isn’t over yet 😦 Love you and thanks for traveling out to the burbs to pick apples!


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